Monday, 14 August 2017

What was Germany like in the 1930s?

What was Germany like in the 1930s?

The question is extremely relevant and especially today when vested interests give you a completely falsified image of Germany in that period of history.

Look at his picture, for example. Do they look any different from youngsters you could see today? The answer is no. This is not the image of a repressive society. Quite the opposite.

They went around having fun and making the best of what they had. Such image doesn't fit in with the stereotypes the mass media and other interested parties are feeding you on a 24/7 basis. Why is that?

Today's mass media and other operators want you to believe that National Socialist Germany was all about aggression, violence and racism, all about salutes and hostile marching individuals. Nothing could be more different from the truth. They want you to believe their misrepresentations because their misrepresentations suit their political agenda. They demonise Germany in the 1930s and promote today's depravity and degradation as images of progress.

The so called Multicultural Society, filled up with drugs and lack of moral values that lead to social disintegration is nothing to be proud of but, the mass media and the political elites want to believe that this so called Multicultural Society is marvellous and anybody who rejects social degradation and depravity is called Racist and ultimately a Nazi or Neo Nazi or Fascist.

To start with, there never were any Nazis. Nazis didn't exist. If you want to use the real name you should say National Socialist. They were National Socialist. That was the proper name and the party that promoted National Socialist ideas was the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

It is fundamentally important to distinguish between Germany before what we call World War Two and Germany during and after World War Two. The people who supported National Socialist Germany wanted jobs, families, education, health, a good and decent life. They didn't think about going to war or enslaving other peoples. They thought about the goodness of living together and helping each other as one big family and because of this they showed enormous enthusiasm and this is why they supported so much the ideals of National Socialism.

The people who voted for Tony Blair in 1997 thought about a Labour Party that was offering new and better alternatives and this is why the Labour Party had such an enormous electoral success in 1997. What happened afterwards? What happened after Tony Blair took the country to war against Iraq? How did the political picture change? The people who supported the National Socialist German Workers' Party in the 1930s were not much different from the people who believed in Tony Blair in 1997. They wanted change. They wanted something better. We cannot blame ordinary people when all they wanted was a better life.

After the First World War, Germany was decimated. Germany was completely demoralised and knew extreme poverty. Suddenly, in the early 1920s came a time of apparent prosperity but it was a prosperity based on borrowing. When by the end of the 1920s, Germany was struck by the crisis in Wall Street and loans were recalled by American banks and the country once again was faced by mass unemployment and extreme poverty. As this was happening came a group of people led by Adolf Hitler that promise them bread, jobs, families, a return to a life of normality after a life of deprivation and they believed in him because they needed to believe that a better life was possible.

Modern mass media specialise in insulting people and distorting history and reality. The Germans of the 1930s were people like you and I, trying to make ends meets, trying to enjoy life to the full. War and violence happened along the way but it wasn't something they were looking for. If they had known that there would be war and that much of their country was going to be destroyed and occupied they wouldn't have supported the party and the man leading such political party. They didn't vote for war and violence. They voted for a better life.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

British National Party: What next?

British National Party: What next?

The talk has been that a weakened United Kingdom Independence Party would lead to the rise of the British National Party once again and there is something in the air looking at what is happening to UKIP and what is happening in Nationalists ranks.

Electoral defeat is sometimes an eye opener to show to - at least the grassroots - that division is not conducive to victory. There is a less confrontational approach regarding factions within the Nationalist Movement.

Just a few days ago, Richard Edmonds, who started his political life in the National Front and is back in the National Front after spending quite a long time in the British National Party of which he was at one point Acting Leader - delivered a speech surrounded by a congregation of members of the British National Party.

There is a certain rapport between grassroots of different Nationalist groups and this is critical, especially taking into account that the Leadership of the British National Party is practically invisible. The old hands of the British National Party are still very much at work - as they have always been - while party Leader Adam Walker and Deputy Leader Clive Jefferson are nowhere to be seen.

High ranking former members of the British National Party are now acting as go-between with a myriad of other groups and organisations including National Front and London Forum.

What has changed? British National Party policies were adopted by so called mainstream political parties and many of the issues raised by the British National Party are no longer taboo. What is more, many of the issues are the core of the debate in Continental Europe. Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary were taken to court by the EU because their governments opposed flood immigration and hold strong views regarding economic migrants that some class as asylum seekers and refugees.

Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary also raised issues about the cultural and religious background of those entering the European Union - something the British National Party talked about practically from the very beginning.

Therefore, although the stigma regarding membership of the British National Party persists, British National Party policies are now very much mainstream. Even Trevor Phillips, former foe of the British National Party, is saying what the BNP has said all along and here is an example of it:

"Trevor Phillips attacks political correctness for failing to tackle Muslim child sex gang"

The World has changed. Britain has changed. There is growing discontent against Political Correctness and the British National Party finds himself vindicated after being persecuted for telling the truth about what now has become public knowledge.

Having said that, in order to re-invigorate itself to play once again a protagonist role in British politics, the British National Party would need to change the way it operates and most importantly would have to go for a change of Leadership, a Leadership that has been practically invisible for far too long.

Although no one has expressed openly that they are ready to rock the boat, discontent with the present Leadership is all too obvious. In the past, Midlands would have been the most important region of the British National Party. Nowadays, London is the most important region after Midlands was gradually dismantled.

Mike Jones, Paul Sturdy and John Clarke - long standing organisers - have kept the movement alive. Financial dependency is no longer what it used to be and local branches are very much self-sufficient.
The bone of contention is that Central Office (the top administrating unit) still has the power to nominate candidates and can use disciplinary procedures as a deterrent.

Vince Cable - once again Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament and now Lib Dem Leader - spoke about the need for a new centrist party. The same applies to Nationalism where it has become increasingly obvious that a new political force could rise joining all the pieces of the Nationalist puzzle.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

North Korea Vs USA or the trigger to end all games?

North Korea VS USA or the trigger to end all games?

When you see wild animals foraging inside urban areas, looking for whatever edible that they can find, you know the game is over. More and more urban areas are taking over ecosystems and many species are on the way to extinction.

When you hear that a country like the United Kingdom can only feed 59% of its population and has to import the remaining 41% of the food that it consumes, there are alarm bells. It is not vast areas of Africa that are being affected by 'not enough water, not enough food'. Robert Malthus spoke about population rises and talk about War, Starvation and Disease being demographic control factors.

When you think where the World is heading to with vast expanses of our oceans becoming deserts totally deprived of life, when you see animals that die of asphyxia due to contaminants including plastics, you know the game is over.

Maybe this new chapter of International Affairs is a necessity. Planet Earth has had enough and whatever is happening regarding International Affairs is part of a chain of events that will lead to widespread depopulation.

One can foresee that if two of the most populated countries in the Asia region - India and China - and most of the Western World were to be affected by massive doses of radiation combined with social, economic and political disintegration and upheaval that will spread across the entire World, the World as we know it today will come to an end and that it will take an extraordinary amount of time to rebuild whatever is destroyed.

The World as we know it today will no longer be recognisable. There will be new poles of economic and military power and rapports that we take for granted today will no longer be a reality. For a very long time organisations like the Organisation of the United Nations will not be around. All Human Rights Legislation will be part of the history books. The strong will prevail - or shall say the survivors will prevail? Will this be a new opportunity for thousands of others species to survive? Will this lead to the rise of new species via mutations? If the World suddenly becomes worse than Chernobyl, will Humans survive as a species or affected by strong radiation will they become infertile and simply vanish into thin air?

An article published on The Independent Newspaper refers to rising infertility, something that many believe is related to our lifestyle.Are we Humans about to experience a Dinosaurs moment? If our food becomes contaminated or is so scarce that the lack of food leads to mass starvation, if the economic system built to support a growing population is no more, we have reasons to worry about Nuclear bombs but we have even more reasons to fear the consequences of chaos across the entire Planet. Without viable economics, political instability and violence with be rule and not the exception.

Like chess players, World Leaders should focus on the long term implications of a military confrontation of such kind. If the Rule of Law becomes one of the main casualties, the words "Sauve qui peut" will be the norm.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Religion is absolute utter nonsense

Religion is nothing more than absolute utter nonsense

Since time immemorial, millions of peoples have believed in gods, Heaven and Hell in one way or another to try and explain what they could not understand or to try and have some kind of comfort when faced with the barbarity of something we call Life on Earth.

To make matters worse, following the chosen Faiths, human beings have gone on the rampage injuring, torturing, killing and enslaving those seen as non believers and many words have been coined to deal with the struggles generated by a collective act of madness.

But putting aside the struggles of man against man, a quick look at how what we call Nature works, shows us examples of the utmost cruelty. We can say that Man is Wolf of Man, but what about the rest of what we call Creation. Creation is a show of cruelty in which A eats B, B east C and C east D. Millions of lives are being destroyed every second, every minute, every hour to maintain what we call the Cycle of Life. How could a Loving God have created such monstrosity? Until our own demise occurs, we see millions of deaths including many millions of deaths to keep us alive.

The Cycle of Life, a cycle of continuous destruction and pain is nothing to be proud of and I don't think that we should thank anybody, including the entity that we loosely call God, for having generated such a diabolic reality.

I see wars. I see people starving. But I also see that in order to stay alive we are constantly destroying lives. We did not create the rules of this that we call Life. If such Life was created by some super-being, the said super-being is certainly a sadistic monster.

Teachers having sex with pupils: rising number of cases

UK: Rising number of teachers banned from teaching because of their sexual involvement with pupils

Hardly a day goes by without yet another case of teachers banned from teaching because they have become sexually involved with their pupils.

Why do they risk their professions and their reputations and also risk being sent to jail? What is actually going on?

Just a few days ago, an impressive research was published in the United Kingdom that indicates that 20 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom never engaged in sexual activities.

But there is yet another problem. Everything seems to end with people banned from teaching. Where is the research to try and determine why they become involved with their pupils? There must be some fundamental reasons why an adult individual in a position of authority decides to throw everything away for the sake of sexual gratification, the kind of sexual gratification that ruins lives - their own lives and the lives of countless others.

The time is long overdue to have a closer look at psycho-sexual health in the United Kingdom. Behind a veneer of respectability and taboos, there is an underworld, a sub-reality, that spreads across all layers and segments of British Society.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

This is what Liberalism had led to

Liberalism has promoted drug abuse

The doctrine of Laissez-faire, Laissez-passer has led to generation after generation of drug abuse that has produced damaged offspring and led to criminality and anti-social behaviour, low productivity and mental illness.

There is not such a thing as Class A drug, Class B drug and class C drug. All drugs are class A and should carry the same penalty.

Damaging your brain and your body via the use of drugs including alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee. Excessive eating might for some be what they call comfort-eating but the damage done to individuals and to society as a whole is immense and is irreversible. The lack of something useful to do leads to all kinds of evils. The cost is astronomical both in human, social and economic terms.

Monday, 31 July 2017

The Wider World, the Unknown World

A Latin American writer wrote some time ago a book entitled "El Mundo es ancho y ajeno" "Broad and Alien is the World" (Ciro Alegria - Peruvian writer). The title comes to mind when we try to focus on policies and on trying to make peoples' lives better. Never mind the world outside the country in which we live. Never mind the country in which we live. Never mind the city or town where we live. How much do we know about the people living next door? How much do we know even about our own families, our relatives and about ourselves?

Most of the time we make abstractions, or all the time we make abstractions, of the world in which we live, making working assumptions, to issue policies, to design strategies to get things done because in fact we know very little. What we don't know, replace with statistics and presumptions and ideological stances. We are guessing. And politics is - most of the time - about guessing what can be done and how it can be done. When we get things wrong or not nearly as exactly as we wanted them to be, there is always somebody or something or both to blame for the outcome of our endeavors. And this when and if our intentions are honorable.

When our intentions are based on vested interests, never mind statistics, abstractions and presumptions. We are just single minded about what we are trying to achieve come what may with total disregard for the likes of those who are bound not to benefit or even suffer the consequences of what we are trying to do. And this is politics too.

So there is everything in the political garden, including flowers and weeds. The ones who try to do good for all and the ones who with intent try to benefit merely themselves and some vested interests. But behind it all there is a great amount of ignorance about what is the real world and therefore the chances of success in any case are a mere gamble.

Behind words like 'I don't believe in politics anymore', 'I don't trust anyone' and the like there is the overwhelming reality of 'we know very little about the world in which we live' and 'we know very little about what people actually want and how they are going to be affected by the things we do'.

We must reflect then on the words of Rudyard Kipling, his poem IF, for many of the things that happen in our lives in terms of success and content, are the direct consequence of what we do and what we don't do as individuals. Our perceived success is very much the outcome of what we do, what we don't do, the personal and working relationships we have got, but our collective good and our collective evil are still attached to our perceptions about the world and about the political world. People celebrate/complain when a certain political party wins an election and at this point Politics is a bit like Religion - you either believe or you don't believe - because there is very little factual evidence to prove that our celebrations and our lamentations are justified. We still need to believe because life without hope is unbearable.

Elections are a step into the unknown, a leap of faith, and most importantly elections are about abstractions and we come to the point to know why people vote for a certain political party. We go straight into the field of presumptions. We presume that if a certain political party wins, the said party will do this or that. We also presume that the thing we want a political party to do will be beneficial either for the common good and/for ourselves and for those whose aims and needs we identify with. Elections are also a blank cheque. There is no written guarantee. There are just beliefs, hopes, wishes and expectations.

What we call Democracy is a blend of uncertainties, of don't knows, of blank cheques. We celebrate Democracy, even when most of the time, people don't really have real knowledge regarding what they are voting for. We do have expectations. We have beliefs. We have presumptions.

Even when choices might be made to appear as simple options, a single change can be bring about a chain reaction with many unexpected consequences. Let's say that you are a navigator and that you are about to make up your mind about the direction of travel. Should the course be 30 degrees or 31 degrees? The difference between 30 degrees and 31 degrees might appear to be minimal but, as time passes and the length of the journey increases, you could end up somewhere far away from the desired destination if you choose the wrong direction.

Whatever your intentions, to sum up, politics is about faith. Politics is about believing that you are making the right choices. The world is too big a place for us to be able to have a real understanding of it.

Friday, 28 July 2017

British Farming: 70% of Britain's land mass is dedicated to farming

Farming is done on 70% of Britain's land mass and this is not little achievement.

There are about 220 farm holdings in the United Kingdom, raging in size from 20 hectares to 100 hectares. But despite highly skilled farmers, advanced technology, the high quality of soil and financial subsidies, the income farmers receive in low due to market prices, the cost of land and the scarcity of land for rental.

The age average of farm holders is 59 and this is why it is vital to keep people in agriculture. The total area devoted to agricultural holdings is about 171 thousand square kilometres and this rises to about 180 square kilometres if we include areas devoted to grazing.

British farming is heavily mechanised and intensive but given the size of Britain's population the country cannot meet food requirements and much of the food consumed in United Kingdom has to be imported.

The lion in terms of agricultural yield is England because in Wales 80% of farmland is classified as Less Favoured Area (lower agricultural yield) and the percentage of less fertile lands rises to 84% in Scotland.

In fact, the country produces barely 59% of the food it consumes and this is happening because of rising population. Therefore, if you wish to make an argument against Flood Immigration, your argument would be 'we cannot afford Flood Immigration because we already are under huge stress to try and feed the population that we already have'.

To counter Liberalism and Marxism, the best argument is built on irrefutable facts and the facts coming from Farming are irrefutable. With the quality of land that we have got and despite the technological advances and know-how, the country should be working on the basis of Zero Immigration, at least.

Seven years ago, the country exported £14 billion worth of food and had to import £32.5 billion worth of food. Therefore, we were £18.5 billion in the red in order to feed those living in Britain. Farming does not seem to appear in the Liberal and Marxist political discourse. Liberals and Marxists look at farmers with disdain because in their minds Farmers are allies of the Ruling Elites or of the rich landowners, when in fact the country depends on farming for its own survival and very often farmers have to struggle to stay afloat. It must be said that most of what Liberals and Marxists know about farming is what they see when they visit a local supermarket.

"We need more housing, they say. We must build more houses." Why? To keep bringing in more and more people that will destabilise even more what is already a very precarious existence. If the land cannot sustain a bigger population, then population should be reduced towards the production optimum. If we can only manage to produce about 59% of the food the country needs, this means that the country is grossly over-populated.


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Man made God and not the other way around

Man made God and not the other way around

It is self-evident that man created God. In the days of Ancient Greece, religion had a completely different outlook with a whole system headed by Zeus at the Olympus where an array of deities, Gods and Semi-Gods constantly interfered in the lives of Man.

To explain Death, Man created the concept of Heaven and Hell. In Ancient Greece, Hell was ruled by a God. There was a constant struggle between deities, Gods and Semi-Gods, a constant quest for power that very much reflected the everyday world. Judaism and its branches called Christianity and Islam - both born out of the Judaism - adopted a system in which there was only one God, the Creator, and got into trouble trying to explain the origins of Man.

If Adam was created by God and later on Eve was created taking a rib out of Adam, nobody could logically explain where the descendants of Cain came from. Were there other women and men not related to Adam, Eve and Cain around? Where do they came from? If there weren't any other women and men not related to Adam and Eve around, did Adam and Eve also had daughters? If they had daughters, then the Human Race was born ouf of an endless number of incestuous relationships and genetic mutations that would have led to different ethnic groups.

To sum up: the concepts accepted by Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the consequences of irrationality, an irrationality that could only be maintained by fear and by a power struggle. Religion is in fact Political Power and for centuries all those who dared to challenge the imposed view suffered terrible consequences.

The so called perfect system presumably created by God is not perfect in any way, shape or form. Since Man appeared on Earth he has been hunted or being a hunter. We only survives thanks to murder and destruction. Millions upon millions of animals that are supposed to be God's Creation have been destroyed, are destroyed and will be destroyed on a daily basis just to keep Man alive. Man also kills for the sake of entertainment and to feed other animals that it is said that Man wants to protect.

The Bible, for example, says 'Thou shall not kill'. Well, incidentally, killing is what has kept Humanity alive. We might blame an asteroid for the disappearance of the dinosaurs but the level of destruction caused by Man has led quite a few species towards extinction. 

Every day, we kill on an industrial basis. Species living in the waters and on the ground are being systematically destroyed, natural habitats are being destroyed and this is the consequence of the actions of Man and Man is faced with a stark choice: if we don't kill, we starve to death. So the statements about 'Thou shall not kill' is purely and simply bollocks. We kill other Human Beings and we destroy Animals by the millions of millions on a daily basis. If you believe in God then the direct conclusion is that God created a monstrosity, an endless chain of pain and barbaric actions.  

Monday, 24 July 2017

British National Party: Monies presumably donated to the party appear to end up in its National Treasurer's pockets

Records of the Electoral Commission indicate that monies presumably given to the British National Party as legacies are shown as loans the organisation will have to pay to Clive Jefferson who happens to be the National Treasurer. For an organisation that has less than a thousand members, claims for hundreds of thousands of Pounds as 'Administration Costs' seem to be absolutely disproportionate.

Those donating monies to the British National Party in the form of legacies should think very carefully, especially when the said legacies seem to be diverted into the pockets of its National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and then resurface as loans made to the British National Party.

Fears that the British National Party has ceased to be a political party to become a cash-cow for the benefit of a few individuals including its National Treasurer seem to be absolutely justified. The information provided to and by the Electoral Commission in the United Kingdom is extremely worrying.

From being a so called Far Right political party, the British National Party has been turned into a Far Wrong political party - although to qualify the British National Party as a political party would be a bit of an exaggeration since its has practically no representation in the United Kingdom and it merely managed to stand about ten candidates in the recent General Election only to lose all the deposits.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

If Sinn Fein doesn't want to be in the British Parliament, they should resign their seats

Sinn Fein doesn't recognise the British Parliament and its elected Members of Parliament don't want to seat in the House of Commons.

This anomaly should be resolved straight away. If you are elected to serve as Member of Parliament and you never join the British Parliament then your seat should be declared vacant and by-election should take place.

If a political party stands in a General Election and when having Members of Parliament chooses not to enter the House of Commons, then the said party should not be allowed to take party in General Elections.

Britain has put up for too long with the sillines of Sinn Fein and the time is long overdue for Parliament to exercise its powers to ensure that those elected as Members of Parliament actually work as Members of Parliament and do attend sessions of the House of Commons.

In the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Fein representatives should have been told that unless they agreed to take part in politics representing their electorate in the House of Commons they would not be allowed to stand in British Politics.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Both DUP and Conservatives have something to earn from a political deal

Both DUP and Conservatives have something to earn from a political deal

Arlene Foster clearly knows the agenda of Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and of Sinn Fein, agenda that has been publicised when the notion of a United Ireland was put firmly under the spotlight.

During political campaigning for the 2017 General Election, Jeremy Corbyn was asked repeatedly about his political sympathies and his closeness with Sinn Fein (political arm of the Provisional IRA).

Secessionist political parties like SNP got a cold shower with the advances of the Conservative Party in Scotland but Arlene Foster knows full well that the Conservative Party is the best guarantee of keeping Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom. Should Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister, the chances are that Northern Ireland will not longer be a part of the United Kingdom.

Before a meeting due to take place tomorrow in which both DUP and the Conservative Party will lay down the foundations of a political agreement, DUP sources were quick to refute rumours about sectarian issues on the negotiations table. The weight of the public sector in Northern Ireland is considerable and therefore investment in the public sector and the issue of pensions in the public sector are fundamental in any agreement. This is why Arlene Foster spoke about maintaining the triple-lock on pensions. The Conservatives that were not keep in keeping the triple-lock would give way on triple-lock pensions to keep the DUP onboard.

In other areas like cross border transit, DUP is not far away from the position maintained by other political parties including Sinn Fein. Open-Borders between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are seen as a sine qua non condition to allow trade that is vital both for the Republic of Ireland and for Northern Ireland.

Gender issues that deeply trouble the Conservative Party would also be put aside to focus on economic issues that would benefit Northern Ireland and strengthen DUP with more jobs and more investment.

Both DUP and the Conservative Party share an Unionist Platform. They both want to maintain the integrity of the United Kingdom. Yesterday, the choice was between an independent Britain and a Britain increasingly dominated by the European Union. Today, the choice is between an United Kingdom as we know it and a fragmented United Kingdom.

As the news from Spain is about a Referendum on Catalonia's Independence, many would be reassured by a move to reinforce the integrity of the United Kingdom. Just a few days ago, SNP decided to put on hold its proposals for yet another Referendum on Scottish Independence after election results that clearly benefited parties opposed to the break-up of the United Kingdom.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

London Terror: The Consequences of Ghetto Realities

Civilians being driven out of a danger zone. 
London Terror: The Consequences of Ghetto Realities

While Police Forces including an SAS group continue search trying to secure Central London, civilians with hands on their heads are being driven out of a danger zone.

This happens not long after another terrorist attack in Manchester and not long after yet another terrorist attack in Westminster close to the Houses of Parliament.

The realities of failed integration and of ghetto realities that have existed for a very long time are haunting what accounts as the fifth biggest economy in the world.

Once again, Britain is on the spot. The country is now renowned because of the number of atrocities committed on its own soil.

Not long ago, during the electoral campaign for the 2017 General Election, political parties were discussing about the so called Nuclear Deterrent. The Nuclear Deterrent cannot protect Britain from the enemy within.

The fact remains that flood immigration, regional conflicts outside Britain and the easy of transit in and out of the country, combined with failed integration are all contributing factors for what is happening now on a regular basis.

Areas where immigrant communities are now majorities are hotbeds for extremists. Attacks like the ones carried out last night in London are not preventable. There is no advanced technology involved. There is no massive planning. They can be an impromptu attack launched by a small group of individuals using a vehicle, knives and hand guns.

Until now, apart from three of the individuals involved in the attack, there have been 7 fatalities and more than 40 casualties but there are still 21 people fighting for their lives and the number of fatal victims can still go up.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said not long ago referring to Germany: Multikulti ist tot (Multiculturalism is dead). We cannot have people many of whom not even speak the language of the country, who very much despise the country and its customs living side by side with people that they actually hate. Sooner than later - last night was one of those times - violence explodes.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Kathy Griffin: In a country in which there is a history of Presidents killed, she should be in jail

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin: In a country in which there is a history of Presidents killed, she should be in jail.

We welcome the decision of CNN to fire Kathy Griffin. It was the right thing to do to get rid of an individual that seems to have lost the plot by posing in a picture that constitutes incitement to kill an American President.

She accuses others and poses as a victim when she is fully responsible for what she did. The picture would not have been published if she had not allowed herself to be photographed. She even made fun of it all while the picture was being taken. Nobody broke her. She broke herself by engaging in an act that constitutes incitement to murder.

Her act was condemned by both Republicans and Democrats. Therefore, she cannot claim that there is a political angle to the story. She should acting in a humble manner and thank the authorities for not taking her into custody to be prosecuted and jailed for what she did.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Diane Abbot stated her hairstyle is linked to her political views

Diane Abbot stated her hairstyle is linked to her political views.

Speaking to Andrew Marrr on the BBC, Diane Abbot - Shadow Home Secretary for the Labour Party - stated that since her hairstyle changed her views on the IRA had changed - stating that there is a direct link between her hairstyle and her political ideas.

This was her hairstyle when she made racists comments against white people. Have her views changed since she had this hairstyle?

This is Diane Abbot speaking to Andrew Marr a few days ago.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

When people stop believing in politics, violence get closer.

With every move to curtail Free Speech, civil war gets a step closer. LBC bosses are misguided. Katie Hopkins was a safety valve allowing people to express their views peacefully and on a democratic framework. Organisations like the Police Federation, the National Union of Journalists and others ban members of certain political parties, the mass media deny spaces that are fundamental for the sake of Free Speech.

What Nick Griffin, former British National Party Leader, is saying is all too obvious. Deprived of the opportunity of expressing their views within a Democratic framework, people will ultimately turn to violence.  If the government, the political classes, the mass media including the BBC, SKY News, LBC and others do not understand this, the price we will all pay will be extremely high in terms of human lives lost.

The repression exerted by the Political Correct Society has cost lives and there is more to come. When people stop believing that there is a political solution, they will certainly turn to violence. 

Like Jo Cox before her, Helen Goodman believes that repression is the answer. She couldn't be more mistaken. 

Senator John McCain asks Russians to contribute by supporting his re-election campaign

You couldn't make it up. One of the men that is most vocal in the anti-Russian stance asked Russians to help him finance his re-election campaign. Next, a photo of Senator Schumer with President Vladimir Putin. He couldn't be happier sharing a drink with the Russian President.

Later, both McCain and Schumer launch vitriolic attacks against President Donald Trump.You couldn't make it up. And the Clinton News Network writes the scripts of a political charade.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Germar Rudolf: Persecuting those who seek the truth

Germar Rudolf: Persecuting those who seek the truth

Germar Rudolf, a qualified chemist linked to the Max Planck Institute in Germany, has been persecuted by the German government that went as far as requesting his extradition to send him to jail in Germany.

Germar Rudolf was born in Limburg an der Lahn, Hesse in 1964. As a young German, and like many other Germans, he was indoctrinated, brainwashing, and made to accept guilty for something they had nothing to do with because they were born long after the end of World War Two.

Germany is still under the grip of Political Correctness leading to persecution of anybody who dares to challenge any official views about what really happened during World War Two.

After initially suport the CSU/CDU, political coalition now led by Angela Merkel, he distanced himself from the CSU/CDU.

In 1990, after doing his military service in the Luftwaffe, he joined the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research at Stuttgart. In 1991, He started working on a paper entitled Report on the formation and verification of cyanide compounds in the Auschwitz "gas chambers" and he did so working on behalf of Hajo Herrmann, a former Luftwaffe pilot.

After the report was publicised by the media, he was banned from entering the Max Planck Institute ever again and political persecution started. He was told by the University of Stuttgart that to withdraw his application for a final PhD examination and threatened being told that should he maintain his application his application would be rejected.

German Rudolf's reports indicate that only minute amounts of cyanide compounds were found in samples taken from Auschwitz.

Legal consequences followed. Instead of being treated as a scientist, German authorities treated him as a criminal, merely because he presented evidence that questioned the revealed official truth.

In 1995, Germar Rudolf was sentenced to 14 months in prison accused of inciting racial hatred - trumped charges against a man whose sole crime was to use facts to challenge official myths. The District Court of Stuttgart sentenced him to 14 months in prison using what is called the Rudolf Report. In Germany, questioning the official version of the so called Holocaust is classified as a crime.

Germar Rudolf was forced to flee to Spain, to England and finally arrived in the United States where after many years of appeals in 2005 he was deported back to Germany. On March 15, 2007, the Manheim District Court sentenced him to two years and six months in prison accusing him of inciting hated disparaging the dead and libel. Copies of his "Lectures on the Holocaust" were confiscated and destroyed. He was released from prison on July 5 and now lives in the USA with his wife and his daughter.

A list of selected publications of Germar Rudolf include:

Auschwitz-Lies: Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust, with Carlo Mattogno (Theses & Dissertations Press, 2005), ISBN 1591480213

Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of Truth and Memory (Theses & Dissertations Press, 3rd edition, 2003), ISBN 0967985625

The Rudolf Report: Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz (Theses & Dissertations Press, 3rd edition, 2003), ISBN 096798565X

German governments, one after another, have become what they say that they reject. There is Systematic Political Persecution against anybody who dares to investigate to find out what really happened under Das Dritte Reich. Those who dare to challenge the official version of events is criminalised and anybody who dares to publish facts about what actually happened is sent to jail.

Karl Hohenstauffen

Sunday, 28 May 2017

How did former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's research in London Soho's Red Light District go?

Jacqui Smith
How did Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's research in London Soho's Red Light district go?

When she was found in researching in Soho's, the former Labour Party Home Secretary indicated that she was working on a project involving female prostitutes.

This came after having to cease being Home Secretary when it was discovered that she had claimed as Parliamentary Expenses pornographic material acquired by her husband but the charges against Home Secretary Jacqui Smith didn't end with the acquisition of graphic material for sexual gratification.

False housing claims, acquisition of expensive equipment and claims for other expenses to cover private expenses like accountancy bills, et cetera, et cetera, were also part of the package of irregularities - some would say criminal activity - that pushed Jacqui Smith out of the Cabinet together with another list of MPs including Patricia Hewitt.

Despite such reputable political background she was employed by broadcaster LBC to interview the 2012 British National Party Mayoral Candidate at the London Assembly building during the 2012 London Mayoral Election.

But like I said at the beginning we still don't know the outcome of her research on prostitution in London Soho's Red Light District.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Karl Hohenstauffen: Die Endlösung der Islamischefrage

This correspondence with the British Ministry of Defence was copied to the Russian Embassy in London and to Moscow Headquarters of FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation)

Dear Mark Hutchinson,

Many thanks for taking the time away from a very busy life at the Ministry of Defence to reply to my message of April 7, 2017. How fast time passes and here we are facing the repercussions of yet another Muslim Terrorist Attack perpetrated by a Muslim, of Libyan descent, born in the United Kingdom. His father and brother were arrested and they showed to have link with AlQaeda and Taliban having been involved in the fight against Muammar Gaddafi.

A British journalist – Katie Hopkins - has just been dismissed by LBC Radio for calling for a Final Solution of the Islamic Terrorist issue. The issue is that we do need a Final Solution of the Islamic Question (Die Endlösung der Islamischefrage) and the problem seems to be widespread when terrorists enter Europe disguised as Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

I don’t see Russia as a danger but as a welcomed partner in the fight against a common enemy. I see that many of Russia’s reactions have been the direct consequence of very badly thought actions carried out by others.

As a researcher, I have been working to determine the extent of the Islamic Threat in the United Kingdom. The problem is now much worse than it was when Dame Stella Rimington spoke in the Houses of Parliament saying that British Security Services didn’t have the necessary manpower to deal with a long list of suspects of being involved in terrorist activities in the United Kingdom.  Today, we speak about 12,000 individuals, many of them with military training having participated in conflicts in the Middle East and Asia Minor.

Politicians are wrongly focused on a fabricated geopolitical situation when the real battlefields are the home countries and the growing number of individuals involved in acts of terror, a problem that has been generated by flood immigration and lack of proper immigration controls.

I totally agree with President Donald Trump’s intention to curb the number of those coming from countries where Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, or whatever we want to call it, is extremely active.

It seems that the authorities, the political classes and the mass media are very willing to peddle the usual Human Rights nonsense when we are faced with one of the greatest dangers of the Twenty-First Century.

We shouldn’t allow back in people who fought for Islamic State. The individual who carried out the attack in Manchester was freely allowed to come and go as he pleased while he was getting ready to attack. This is absolutely unbelievable.  

Far too many people have died in the United Kingdom as a direct consequence of misguided immigration policies. Raising the number of soldiers on the streets of Britain in support of Police Forces is a political statement that has very little impact on real levels of security. The ones behind the attacks couldn’t care less if we are united or divided. They couldn’t care less about the ages of those they kill or maim.

I classified the attack in Manchester as an absolute and resounding success. One individual lost, a low cost and low tech device and maximum political repercussions both in the United Kingdom and across the world. The aim of the attack was not to cause a vast number of casualties. What Islamic State is after is maximum psychological effect at a time when it is embattled in Iraq and in Syria. From a psychological point of view, it was a massive propaganda boost meant for internal consumption and in support of operators in Europe and elsewhere.

I strongly believe that instead of a confrontational approach with the Russian Federation what is needed is a very active cooperation approach with the Russian Federation. I am very much aware of the memories of June 22, 1941 and the fears that the massing of military capabilities along the Russian borders generate. The choice is very clear. Either we seek cooperation with the Russian Federation to reach a Final Solution of the Islamic Question or we condemn people in the United Kingdom, in Europe and elsewhere to forever live with the imminent threat posed by Islamic Terrorism.

We need cooperation with the Russian Federation and the Security Services of the Russian Federation including especially FSB to benefit from their vast knowledge in dealing with Islamic Terrorism.

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

The Power of the word NO and Islam

The Power of the word NO and Islam

Ayann Hirsi Ali is one of the characters that the mass media not usually want to talk about because she breaks away from all their preconceived ideas.

The so called Religion of Peace forced her to live in hiding because she opposes much of what an murderous ideology called Islam stands for.

When it comes to real life, the cult promoted by mass media is a lot different from the sanctified image that is shown on our screens.

Ayann Hirsi Ali explicitly sayd that Muslims need to re-think sex, money and violence and the concept of time.

She wonders if depriving impressionable young men of entertainment and female companionship doesn't make them more susceptible to calls for self-annihilation. Well, events in the United Kingdom where gangs of Muslim men go on the rampage targeting vulnerable children for sexual gratification, plying them with drugs and alcohol very much supports her idea that sexual repression and a very abnormal way of life leads to violence and even to self-destruction.

The man who blew up himself in Manchester a few days ago was addicted to alcohol and drugs and he purposefully and willingly killed himself to destroy the lives of others. It was without saying that after leaving Islam and claiming back her human rights and the capacity of rejecting the ideology imposed on her, she lives in hiding somewhere in the United States of America after being a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands.

She laughs at those who talk about Islamophobia and says that if you are an ex-Muslim there are people who want to kill you on account of deserting Islam. It's reasonable to be a little concerned. That is not phobia. It is rational fear. The stupidity of Islam is such that on her supposed wedding day, she not even need to be present. The marriage was carried out without her consent and without her being present during the ceremony that was attended only by the groom. She calls Islam "bearded men preaching seventh-century laws".


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Die Endlösung der Judenfrage: a capital moment in history

Die Endlösung der Judenfrage: a capital moment in history

Much has been said about what British and other countries where English is the predominant language called simply "Final Solution".

As a historical fact it must be stated that most of the buildings we can see today in what are presumed to be the installations of concentrations camps were built after World War Two when National Socialist Germany was no longer around.
The paradox is that the constant reminder about the camps serves to perpetuate the memories of what happened in concentration camps but at the same time perpetuate the memories of Adolf Hitler and of an ideology called National Socialism. In peoples minds, Jesus of Nazareth and Adolf Hitler are equally famous.

I have looked at the words Arbeit Macht Frei and there is a fundamental truth in those words. Work makes you free. This couldn't be truer in an world in which there is crippling unemployment. We are not masters of our own destiny unless we have control of our own finances. So this is yet again another paradox. We are told to hate an expression that carries such a powerful and positive message.

The NSDAP was in its origins a true Socialist Party German style. Its name - National Socialist German Workers' Party - represents the ideals of a Socialist society in which every member of the said society would play a useful role and in turn everybody's needs would be met.

In spite of all the rubbish we hear when this very important period in history is mentioned, the one fundamental aspect of what actually were the ideals of the NSDAP is completely forgotten. In the rise of National Socialism in Germany there was a very powerful element called Solidarity. People were told that they had to look after each other, care after each other, be a German of one another and share these ideals in the pursuit of a greater, healthier, stronger and wealthier Germany.

For the unemployed, and there were many people out of work and unable to make ends meet, the world Arbeit was a magic word and it was very much rooted in the work ethics of the German people. People were going to be free from hunger, free from the miseries of a life without future, masters of their own lives. This was the essence of "Arbeit Macht Frei" , essence that is very powerful today when in Britain, in USA in France, practically everywhere, politicians promise more jobs and the reduction of the queues of unemployment. There is an element of Arbeit Macht Frei in every political speech - whether we talk about the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Green Party, UKIP, BNP et cetera, et cetera. The NSDAP promised more jobs in ways that were identical to the promises made by today's political parties.

People wanted answers to deal with unemployment and deprivation and from 1933 onward the National Socialist Party led by Adolf Hitler as German Chancellor and German President produced a massive number of jobs. There was a psychological factor and a financial factor. Financially, the chaotic situation that existed before the rise of Adolf Hitler was dealt with. People had jobs, people had bread on their tables. The psychological element came from association: this is your country, you deserve everything your country can provide, it is a powerful country and you don't need to fear about external aggression. People were reassured in every way and this led to massive political support.

Here comes the concept of "if you have one political party - the National Socialist German Workers' Party - that looks after your every need, why do you need other political parties?" The process towards a one-party state had been voluntarily and willingly triggered by the mass of the Electorate. Who could possibly be opposed to such levels of happiness, togetherness and wealth? Liberals, Marxists and among them the Jews who were said to be looking after their own interests and didn't care about the German people who where predominantly Christian. This is why at one point, Jews were banned from getting involved in many professions. And the process continues and goes farther and farther.

There is an evolution. There is a series of steps along the way towards getting rid of the Jews but it is also a process to get rid of Liberals and Marxists. People were interned in concentration camps for all kinds of reasons but the persecution of the Jews had little to do with religion or race. It was a political decision and you can deal with people who are political opponents or perceived political opponents in various ways. You ban them from professions. You imprison them. You deport them. You kill them. And there are various examples of this to mention. The persecution of many people - Jews and non Jews - was purely political.



Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester attack was a masterpiece

Manchester attack was a masterpiece

The terrorist attack in Manchester was carefully planned and a true masterpiece. To begin with the choice of venue, the occasion and the political background - during a General Election Campaign - everything was done for maximum effect, ensuring that there would be massive repercussions and international mass media coverage.

Whoever organised it is a true genius and we should give him, her, them credit for that. It was a despicable murderous attack but it was carried out with absolute efficiency. We shouldn't underestimate the people we are standing against. They have the brainpower to organise this kinds of attacks for maximum effect.

It was a low-cost operation, requiring not so much technical expertise and requiring limited manpower that minimised loss of human resources, therefore making it practicably undetectable. The Security Services due to lack of manpower usually focus on operations requiring big amounts of money, technical expertise and manpower because this is what usually allows early detection. They Security Services are not equipped to deal with operations like the Manchester operation.

Islamic State quickly make sure that it quickly capitalise on the political repercussions and it must have been a huge morale boost for its embattled troops in Iraq and in Syria.

These people are not cowards, they are not crazy and they are extremely intelligent. They know exactly what they are doing. The aftermath of the Manchester attack and the fact that alert levels have now been raised to Critical with the deployment of the army is certainly a huge success for Islamic State.

Muslim Kamikazes are not cowards and are not crazy

Muslim Kamikazes are not cowards and are not crazy

Because I had the life experience of confronting some of these people, I know that the political establishment, the Police and the mass media and people in general are making a serious mistake.

We are dealing with individuals who do not want to divide us. The couldn't care less if we are united or not.

They are not cowards. No one willing to lose his or her own life could possibly be called a coward.

They are not crazy. They truly believe that they are fighting for a right cause and they could be more rational and more logical than anybody else.

The constant speeches about 'we stand together and they will not divide us' is sheer rubbish. We are confronting an enemy who doesn't cares about our lives or our values. They purely and simply want to destroy us and in so doing wipe out everything we stand for.

Everybody talks about how awful it is that they target children. They target everybody regardless of sex, age and gender. In their minds, children will grow up to become what we are and therefore they just kill them to stop them from growing and becoming what we are.

We are at war with an enemy that is very much living around us, in our own environment and who will attack whenever they feel that they can achieve their objectives.

We could organise ten thousand Cobra meetings. It will not make a heck of a difference. We cannot use Nuclear weapons against them. We cannot used force against them. We cannot predict when they will attack. We are totally and utterly defenceless. They have total access to our technology. They have total access to every part of our social and defensive structures. They can strike anytime and they have the time to be selective in order to make the greatest impact.

The Police cannot protect us against them. MI5 and MI6 cannot protect us against them. The attack in Manchester could not be foreseen as the killing of Lee Rigby came out of the blue.

I know that the Prime Minister and various other politicians and broadcasters would like to be reassuring to soothe people who are suffering because of the atrocity Manchester suffered in the last few hours. They have good intentions but their good intentions will not help us avoid the next atrocity and there will be more atrocities.

Karl Hohenstauffen

Mass Murder in Manchester: 22 dead and more than 50 people injured

Mass Murder in Manchester: 22 dead and more than 50 people injured

Cobra meetings and political correctness will not stop killings that are now happening with terrifying regularity in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Just a few ago, it was Westminster, in Central London. Today, now it is Manchester's turn.

Katie Hopkins was reported to Police for asking for a 'final solution' but a solution to put an end to the series of killings is exactly what we need. Our lives have been turned upside down by religiously motivated violence and all the politically correct mass media and the politically correct establishment do is to continue to appease the followers of a cult that is causing mayhem across Europe. Entire areas of European cities are being turned into no go areas where people live in fear of attack perpetrated by extremists.

The paradox is that those who raised the alarm about the danger posed by religious extremists are themselves attacked for raising the alert. People like Tommy Robinson (former leader of the English Defence League), Paul Golding (leader of Britain First) and Nick Griffin (former leader of the British National Party) have been constantly and systematically attacked the political establishment and the mass for talking about the threat posed by religious extremists.

There are bans being implement against people who have committed no crime and whose only guilt is to have belonged to organisations that speak about the dangers of religious extremism.

Monday, 22 May 2017

European Convention on Human Rights: What we know and what we don't know

European Convention on Human Rights: What we know and what we don't know

The levels of lack of awareness about fundamental pieces of legislation is a matter of great concern.

We hear politicians and the mass media mentioning the European Convention on Human rights on a regular basis but how much is known about it?

When it comes to the business of what is legal and what is illegal there is quite a lot of grey areas generated by legislation that is often used to circumvent the European Convention on Human Rights and this is why in certain political sectors there is growing interest in having a British Bill of Rights to deal with the said grey areas.

There is no point in having such important pieces of legislation when the number of loopholes makes it impossible to proceed to its full implementation. Conventions and Treaties end up being no more than the expression of aspirations that cannot be implement in the real world.

Maria Gatland: Former High Ranking IRA member and Conservative Councillor in Croydon

Maria Gatland: Former High Ranking IRA Member and Conservative Councillor in Croydon

Maria Gatland was born Maria McGuire in Dublin, Republic of Ireland in 1948, She became an IRA member in the early 1970s. In 1972 she arrived in London and wrote articles for The Observer and also wrote a book describing her experience as member of the IRA.

In 2002, she was elected as Maria Gatland as a member of the Conservative Party and entered Croydon Council representing Croham war. In 2006, she became a cabinet member for Education.
When the Conservative Party found out that she had been a member in early December 2008 she resigned as council cabinet member, was suspended by the party, but returned to the party later on. She was re-elected as Councillor in the 2010 and 2014 local elections.

What is astonishing is that people who have never been involved in any terrorist organisation and who have never committed any crimes are denied the opportunity of joining political parties in the United Kingdom. UKIP, for example, doesn't accept as members former members of various political organisations who, incidentally, never committed any crimes nor were involved with terrorist organisations.

This issue reminds us of the European Convention on Human Rights that explicitly rejects any kind of political discrimination - not that several organisations in the United Kingdom take any notice of the European Convention on Human Rights. In fact, organisations like the Police, the Association of Police Officers and others explicitly violate the European Convention of Human Rights and several members of Parliament including the now late Jo Cox MP actively promoted political discrimination.

What is even more astonishing is that the leadership of parties like the Labour Party that were actively involved with Provisional IRA also promote political discrimination. Ken Livingstone refused 'to share a platform with the BNP' when he comfortably shared a lot more than a platform with a terrorist organisation that killed British men, women and children, killed members of the Conservative Party including a serving MP and also killed Lord Mountbatten, Prince Phillip's uncle.

I have a very funny feeling when writing about this kind of issues. There is a huge amount of duplicity and double-standards, there prejudice, discrimination and harassment against people who never got involved in any crimes, duplicity and double-standards promoted by the political classes and the mass media.

Karl Hohenstauffen

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Simon Hughes is openly bisexual but Tim Farron constantly struggles with sexual issues

Tim Farron constantly struggles when asked about issues regarding sexuality.

Once again the Liberal Democrats struggles to give a straight answer. He struggled before when asked about homosexuality. Now, he struggles when asked about abortion.

Simon Hughes publicly stated that he is bisexual. I would like to have Tim Farron and Simon Hughes together, in front of television cameras, and ask a whole range of questions about sexuality.

This man has serious issues to answer for. As Liberal Democrats Leader he should be able to give straight answers about sexuality as his inability to provide straight answers on this issues increasingly looks like a very serious personality flaw.

Other political leaders have been very clear about where they stand on the said issues and have prominent representatives that are openly homosexual or bisexual that had stood in the House of Commons. Tim Farron is letting himself down and is letting his political party down by not providing clear cut answers.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Marion Maréchal Le Pen: Un interval avant de rentrer

Marion Maréchal Le Pen: Un interval avant de s'engager de nouveau dans la vie politique de France.

Marion Maréchal Le Pen: An interval before becoming engaged once again in France's political life.

One can perfectly understand that a very young woman and mother (27 years-old) who has been a very active political campaigner with political responsibilities since she was 22 years of age, has to deal with fundamental priorities.

As a mother, she has decided that at this point in time, she must and she needs to devote more time to her daughter at a very crucial stage of her life. As a politician, she has decided that she needs to acquire more experience in the world outside professional politics so that one day she can return to politics.

I do remember where I was when I was her age and I totally understand the decision she made. I also remember my life as a little child and the regular absences of my parents who were very often away from the family home. Even at my age the memories of those days are extremely vivid as if it was happening right now. To be elected at the age of 22 is a remarkable achievement and especially taking into account the political realities of France. To have maintained such coherence, consistency and energetic approach when other much older and much more experienced politicians faltered shows the character and temperament of Marion Maréchal Le Pen. When the time comes, she will more than ready to face new and more difficult challenges.

Front National values family and family values and therefore family is for her a fundamental priority. Front National values experience and knowledge and therefore her mission is to acquire experience and knowledge that would render her capable of being an even more effective politician with knowledge of the world outside the world of professional politics.

Tactical Voting Liberal Democrats attack UKIP saying that UKIP is promoting Tactical Voting

Tactical Voting Liberal Democrats accuse UKIP of promoting Tactical Voting

You couldn't make it up. Tim Farron said that he's relaxed about the idea of tactical voting. Well, the Liberal Democrats printed a leaflet accused UKIP of promoting Tactical Voting.
A very hypocritical Liberal Democratic Party who constantly talks of support for Tactical Voting distributed a leaflet attacking UKIP of supporting Tactical Voting.

In 2005 General Election, the Liberal Democrats headed by Nick Clegg and with Tim Farron as member and candidate talking about abolishing University Tuition Fees. Something they forgot about it completely when the formed a government together with the Conservative Party. Now, they talk about Tactical Voting but criticise other political parties accusing them of promoting Tactical Voting. If Tim Farron himself doesn't see the error of his ways a few weeks before a General Election then somebody inside the Liberal Democratic Party should think very carefully about the content of the leaflets that they are printing and delivering, most probably a few of the only things they can deliver.

At the end of the 2015-2017, this was the distribution of seats per political party represented.

Liberal Democrats in fourth place: Conservatives 330, Labour 229, Scottish National Party 54 and Liberal Democrats 9. A miracle will have to occur for the Liberal Democrats to reach Third Place because when Parliament was disolved for the 2017 General Election, Liberal Democrats were in Fourth Place. Luckily they won one seat in a by-election because otherwise they would be in Fourth Place together with Democratic Unionists.

This was the state of the parties at the end of the 2015-2017 Parliament and they have a few mountains to climb to have the slightest chance of delivering anything more than an explanation of why they lost. If they lose, they cannot blame Brexit.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Alexander Litvinenko: the story is a bit different from the official version

Alexander Litvinenko
Alexander Litvinenko: The real version of events is a bit different from the official British version. At the time of his death, Alexander Litvinenko was working for British Intelligence. Despite constant requests made by his wife, the British establishment has repeatedly denied that he was working for them.

But Alexander Litvinenko was a bit of a problem given his sympathies with Muslim Chechen rebels linked to AlQaeda and Taliban when Britain and USA were actively engaged in the fight in Afghanistan. As a lieutenant of Boris Berezovsky that the Russian Federation wanted back on charges of embezzlement of public funds, Alexander Litvinenko was the weaker link, somebody who could become a major source of embarrassment for then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Boris Berezovky has been a useful pawn working for the CIA and mobilising his network of contacts to facilitate easier military access to land locked Afghanistan. It was well-known that Alexander Litvinenko could be tempted with a clean-bill of health and a safe conduct that could allow him and members of his family to return to the Russian Federation in exchange for incriminating evidence against Boris Berezovky that could have force the British government to deport Boris Berezovsky back to the Russian Federation. Andrei Lugovoi was sent to London to negotiate with Alexander Litvinenko to persuade to make the exchange. 
Boris Berezovsky

It was no coincidence then that Mario Scaramella, with clear links with the CIA met Alexander Litvinenko, whom he had met before in Italy. Despite the fact that Boris Berezovsky's contacts and influence were fading away the revelation that he was and his lieutenant were linked to Muslim Checken rebels linked to AlQaeda and Taliban would have been too much of a scandal when British soldiers were involved in a military conflict in Afghanistan.

A short-term solution was to get rid of Alexander Litvinenko to protect Boris Berezovsky. When some time later, Boris Berezovsky ceased to be an asset he was himself dispatched to get rid of loose ends.

Mario Scaramella
Shortly before Boris Berezovky was 'dismissed', I was asked to travel to Latin America to gather evidence that could seriously undermine the British government's position in terms of refusing the extradition request made by the Russian Federation. Before I could fly to Latin America, the news came that "Boris Berezovsky committed suicide". 

Both the Alexander Litvinenko Affair and the Boris Berezovsky Affair were very sordid chapters in the history of British Intelligence and their partners in crime the CIA. An innocent man - Andrei Lugovoi - who came to negotiate with Alexander Litvinenko to try and get the extradition of Boris Berezovsky - was unfairly accused and everything became part of a major British cover-up.

Andrei Lugovoi was totally cleared of any involvement but the British mass media that easily prostitutes itself swallowed and spread a distorted version of events. Perfidious Albion did it again.

Karl Gerhardt Hohenstauffen