Monday, 13 November 2017

The irony is that Jews have immortalised Adolf Hitler

The irony of remembering what happened during World War Two is that Jews have immortalised Hitler by constantly going back to World War Two. It has been a doubled edged-sword. More than 70 years after the demise of Adolf Hitler, the name of the German President Chancellor is a household name.

I reckon that 70 years after the conflict, the world itself has not come to terms or being able to internalise the importance of the conflict. For many, the conflict has become a touristic attraction in a way that tragedies and those involved in them became a curiosity.

A museum in Indonesia even built an exhibit of Adolf Hitler with a photograph depicting the entrance of a concentration camp with the famous words 'Arbeit macht Frei' (Work makes you free). The protagonists of World War Two and the symbols of World War Two have been turned into cultural icons. Members of the British Royal Household and Members of Parliament have been shown entertaining themselves wearing National Socialist armbands.

It is a very peculiar turn of events because the more Jewish communities and Jewish organisations keep World War Two in the minds of present generations, the more glamour is added to the experiences of World War Two. The more they talk about it, the more fashionable certain symbols become. Anti-Semitism can be therefore be self-inflicted.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Israel is actively promoting Far Right groups in the United Kingdom

Tommy Robinson
Israel is actively promoting Far Right groups in the United Kingdom

What is the common denominator? Israel. While Jewish groups are behind attempts to incarcerate those who openly speak about the role Jewish operators are playing in the United Kingdom, Israel is right behind the promotion of Far Right groups. In some cases, the link is very public and in others it is not so obvious but the agenda is the same and it is about a marriage of convenience because Jews and Anti-Semites. The word Pegida comes to the surface and suddenly things become a lot clearer.

Jews are playing a double game. On the one hand, they use the mass media to attack those who present themselves as Anti-Muslim, accusing them of being extremists that want to promote violence. On the other hand, Jews are actively promoting Far Right groups because it helps them put this duality in peoples' minds. By presenting themselves both as victims and defenders of civil rights, they are actively engaged in the erosion of civil rights. The Anti-Terror legislation first introduced to Parliament by the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, under a Labour government, was a clear example. It clearly targeted Muslim Communities in the United Kingdom and is now being used for political persecution. The Divide and Conquer approach of Jewish operators is all too obvious. Whether those they accuse are innocent or guilty is irrelevant. Jewish operators are going to use them as cannon fodder for their own ends. Tommy Robinson was labelled as a "Far Right Extremist", a Far Right Extremist that travels to Israel and is allowed to be filmed sitting on an Israeli tank and makes open statements of support for Israel.
Anne Marie Waters
Israel might not share all the declared intentions of Pegida but it is certainly taking advantage of Pegida to promote Anti-Muslim views to support their stances in the Middle East. As long as Muslims are seeing as a mortal enemy in the Western World, Israel is going to continue the implement of its Third Reich policies in Palestine with the support of very powerful political players. As Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf: "if you can take it and keep it, it is yours". And this is exactly what Israel has done since 1948, occupying territories of neighbouring countries. When the game becomes too visible, Jewish operators act and this is why Anne Marie Waters wasn't allowed to become UKIP Leader.
Priti Patel
When members of a ruling party are found to be too close to Israel, political correctness comes into play and this is why Priti Patel is the obvious example. Theresa May didn't reject Priti Patel's actions but she was forced to act when she was found out making deals with Israel. She asked Priti Patel to keep quiet about it but compromising pictures showing Priti Patel gave the game away.
Paul Golding
It has been reported that Tommy Robinson - founded of the English Defence League - and Paul Golding - former BNP and now leader of Britain First - are pretty close. Once again, the common element is the Anti-Muslim factor. It has been said that the British National Party's demise was partly caused by Jewish infiltration. It is no secret at all that Jewish infiltration was one of the reason of the demise of National Front. The wife of a well-known "Anti-Fascist" had sexual intercourse with several members of the National Front in order to rise as prominent member of National Front. The said individual happens to be Jewish. Morality for the said Jewish operators is a devalued currency. They will do whatever it takes to get their way. After all, Mossad is not known for its moral qualities.

Friday, 10 November 2017

UK Anti-Terror Legislation is being used for Political Persecution

Anthony Mole - Head of North West Counter Terrorism Unit
UK Anti-Terror Legislation is used for Political Persecution

When Anti-Terror Legislation was passed in the House of Commons after being put forward by then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, there were voices of concern talking about the possibility that Anti-Terror Legislation could be used for purposes that had nothing to do with fighting against Terrorism and what was feared has become reality. A para-political organisation called National Action was banned after being wrongly classified as a Terrorist Organisation, innocent people were arrested and are now being taken to court to be jailed because of their political ideas. But there are other aspects of this tragedy that are unfolding when children are taken away from their families and innocent people take their own lives. This was the case of Paul Hickman who was arrested because he was in possession of stickers used for political purposes. Paul Hickman couldn't bear the thought of being put on trial to be crucified on trumped up charges and of having to spend time in jail as yet another victim of political persecution.

Paul Hickman

I wrote to Anthony Mole as Head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit; I wrote to Amber Rudd MP as Home Secretary; I wrote to Helen Hayes MP whom I approached several times to deal with political issues; I wrote to Jo Swimson MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. I write to you as ordinary members of the public and ask you to spread the word because this is a very serious matter. 

I lived under a military dictatorship and I can recognise the signs of a dictatorial regime being imposed on the British people. It happens gradually, so gradually that most people fail to stop such signs. Firstly, basic rights of assembly are taken away. People are not allowed to demonstrate in certain public areas. The justification is 'we are concerned about public safety'. Secondly, measures that are nothing more than political discrimination are implemented. "Sorry, you cannot have the job that you want 'because you are a member or have been a member of certain political parties'." "Sorry, you cannot be invited to a debate because you are a member or have been a member of certain political parties or because we don't like what you say". This goes so far as not just banning ordinary people but also US Presidents like President Donald Trump. No official visits to the United Kingdom and no speaking at the House of Commons. 

Now, families are persecuted, children are taken away from their families, organisations that have committed no crime are banned and individuals are persecuted and imprisoned. Britain is becoming a de-facto dictatorial regime.

When the masses support dictatorial behaviour all that is left to say is what Jesus said on the cross: Forgive them father, for they don't know what they are doing. Millions of people across Britain are voluntarily and willingly walking towards a repressive regime. 

Dear Jo Swinsom MP,

This is the original email I sent to Amber Rudd, to Helen Hayes and to the Head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit. It is a very important matter and in the last 24 hours became a case of life and death leading a 37 year old to take his own life. You can contact me directly. I do include a mobile number and I am ready and willing to meet you at the House of Commons to talk about a very important issue.

Anti-Terror Legislation was introduced under a Labour government. Since then, it has been used for purposes that were not originally intended.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 09 November 2017 14:38
To: '' <>
Cc: 'Helen Hayes' <>; '' <>
Subject: Something very wrong

Dear Amber Rudd,

There is something absolutely wrong concerning the strategy adopted against para-political organizations (not Terrorist organizations). National Action is not a Terrorist organization despite the fact that it has been wrongly classified as a Terrorist organization.

I personally knew Paul Hickman and distributing adhesive campaign propaganda materials is not a terrorist activity. Somebody like Paul Hickman was never involved in any kind of violent activity whatsoever and neither was Jack Renshaw due to appear in court on January 2nd  2018.

When anti-Terror Laws are used for purely political purposes there is the certain danger of a backlash that could lead to others getting involved in activities that otherwise they would not get involved into and this because of the anger that injustices generate.

I know what happened in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile – among other countries - in the 1970s and 1980s. I was a member of the military in those days and of the mass media/intelligence services that led to the arrest, torture and in some cases execution of political detainees and I worry that Britain is walking along a very dangerous path when Anti-Terror Laws are used for purely political purposes.

The present approach can certainly create a danger that didn’t exist before. I sense the resentment and anger that such approach has created, approach that could turn political activists into murderers.

Your approach will not prevent attacks against Members of Parliament. Helen Hayes, that I know personally, is aware of the fact that I do know the subject matter that I am writing about because of my background and my political links.

Common sense and rationality must prevail. The actions in which the North West Counter Terrorism Unit has been involved are not related to Terrorism. They are actions of a political nature and they are totally unjustified.

I hope for Britain’s sake that there is a change of course of action. Anti-Terror Laws should only be used for the purpose they were intended to be used. I hope that Britain stops using Anti-Terror Laws for purely political purposes.

And I take this opportunity to issue a word of caution. It is common knowledge that members of the British Armed Forces have joined or are joining para-political groups. Nothing happens in the military without the knowledge of the higher ranks of the British Armed Forces. It is not the kind of thing that can be kept a secret. If you were to touch a raw nerve, the present approach could be even more catastrophic.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Jack Renshaw: Justice system gone mad

Jack Renshaw: Justice system gone mad

Jack Renshaw used to be a member of the youth branch of the British National Party and made speeches at the age of 15 at party meeting including a National Conference.

Now, he is in detention in Manchester because some time ago during a speech made at the age of 22, years after he left the BNP youth movement, he allegedly made derogatory comments about Jews.

Jack Renshaw was arrested by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole.

Jack Renshaw a target of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit? Jack Renshaw seen as terror threat? It is obviously a joke and a joke that is costing thousands of Pounds of taxpayers money. I wrote to the head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit and also to the Jewish Group because this is utter nonsense that show how inadequate the services that are supposed to protect from terrorism actually are. If they had done real a real background search on Jack Renshaw they would have discovered who Jack Renshaw actually. If we went to send to Court every single person who has something native to say about Jews, half of the country would have to be sent to Court and ultimately jailed.

Mass hysteria is spreading like wildfire. Look at the headlines regarding the Labour Party, for example. Reading such rising amount of rubbish one would be led to believe that suddenly all Labour Party supporters would suddenly become storm troopers of Das Dritte Reich. Some people like Jews and other people don't like Jews. Get on with it. When a crook like Bernard Madoff goes around ripping off both Jews and non Jews and ends up in jail or a movie mogul like Harvey Weinstein stand accused of molestation, harassment and rape, both Jews and non Jews are angry.

Criticism is not a crime. It is a democratic right to criticise what we do not like without being taken to court for exercising our democratic rights. The legal system is crossing red lines and compromising our democratic freedoms.

North West Counter Terrorism Unit - Manchester

Dear Anthony George Mole,

I met Jack Renshaw, the 22 year-old that stands accused of making derogatory comments about Jews. The fact that he is being portrayed as a dangerous individual beggars belief and shows very little understanding about who Jack Renshaw actually is.

When I met him he would be about 15 years of age posing as a British Patriot and making emotive speeches about Britain, with very little life experience and very little or no political experience whatsoever. He was the typical young boy seeking attention and trying to be the centre of attention for the sake of self-importance.

There are many thousands like him that are much more of a danger to themselves than they could possibly be a danger to anybody else. You should also be aware of the mentality of the people you are dealing with. By sending an immature individual to jail, you are going to be making a very serious mistake. You are going to turn him into a hero.

Jewish publications are talking about him. The UAF is talking about him. Suddenly, from being totally anonymous, you are going to turn him into a celebrity, into somebody who was persecuted “for the cause”. This is the worst way of dealing with individuals like Jack Renshaw. You will be promoting his narrative and the narrative of thousands like him. From University drop-out, to “fighter for the cause”. As I refer to the Jewish Group, he is going to be surrounded by people who are the real danger and that will most probably nurture him as British prisons become centres for political indoctrination and terrorism training hotspots.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

From: K G Hohenstauffen []
Sent: 06 November 2017 23:38
To: '' <>; '' <>
Subject: Jack Renshaw
Importance: High

Dear Sir/Madam,

Who is Jack Renshaw? An immature 22-year-old looking for attention and saying silly things that ultimately got him into trouble. I met him about 5 years ago. By then he was presented as an enthusiastic and old-fired up British Nationalist with no political experience whatsoever. He read high-school style speeches full of patriotic fervour but with very little substance and waited for the applause of the audience, not understanding that many of those who made up the audience were people of little consequence, limited education and limited brainpower. He went on to join National Action – a group of very disturbed and disturbing individuals, also of little consequence, of limited education and limited brainpower who he defined as a more radical group because he wanted to be ‘a man of action’. Being a man of action meant for him to talk rubbish, the kind of rubbish he couldn’t possibly talk about as a member of a political party – any political party. Jack Renshaw is not a dangerous individual. If anything, he is merely a danger to himself.

He is already in detention and there is the probability that on January 2nd, 2018 he will be sent to jail for a very long time. What would be achieved? There are many Jack Renshaw, teenagers that at one point or another lose their bearings and go around seeking attention, getting involved with the wrong kind of people. Because he will be judged for having made Anti-Jewish comments and he is going to be surrounded by Muslim Extremists who are also Anti-Jewish, he is going to spend time with people who are truly dangerous and have the means to commit atrocities. He is going to be trained, nurtured to become a real extremist, because British Prisons are training centres for Islamic Fundamentalists.

Best regards

Karl Hohenstauffen
The World of Politics / Politische Welt/ Мир политики

Monday, 30 October 2017

British National Party - still around but only just

Paul Sturdy - London Region
British National Party still around but only just

For many, including the mass media, the British National Party has practically disappeared. Since Adam Walker took over in 2014 as Leader, with National Treasurer Clive Jefferson as Deputy Leader, not much has been happening in terms of political activities.

Adam Walker has not been the most active of political leaders, usually carrying out interviews without telling interviewees on the streets that he is actually Leader of the British National Party.
Adam Walker

In 2017, at the General Election, the BNP only managed to stand 10 candidates but things are even worse. It is not just about the lack of people willing to stand in elections. It is also about the way that several years monies (i.e. membership fees, donations and legacies) have been used. With barely two employees, apart from the Leader and the Deputy Leader that also get paid), the BNP managed to squander hundreds of thousands of Pound in salaries and "Administration Costs". Not that the local or regional branches - where there are still branches - get any kind of financial support from Central Office. In places like London, for example, branches have to manage to survive with whatever they get from collections and activists usually have to buy leaflets taking monies out of their pockets. They get no support whatsoever from Central Office.

The party is supposed to have four sessions of its National Executive every year and is also supposed to have a National Party Conference every year. It has been reported that the NEC hardly meets and that in 2017 there is not going to be a National Party Conference. For this reason, the London Region is organising a Regional Party Conference and has invited members of other regions.

Pictures of properties reportedly acquired by Adam Walker - at the moment Adam Walker's income is made up mainly of what he gets from the British National Party and from Karate Lessons- have been published. You would say that such income would not be enough to buy properties worth hundreds of thousands of Pound.

A brief look at the BNP Statements of Accounts presented to the Electoral Commission shows quite a few things that do not add up. (This information is readily available because it has been posted by the Electoral Commission on its website).

We have spoken with the Electoral Commission and with Members of Parliament about what is going on and sooner than later the Inland Revenue will have to intervene (and most probably also Police authorities will have to intervene). If as we suspect the present Leadership is taking monies as 'personal income' without declaring that it is 'personal income', this would be a clear case of false accounting and tax evasion and Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson would be liable for it.

In an effort to salvage the British National Party and prevent Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson from using the British National Party as a cash cow for their own private benefit, the London Region will have its own separate Regional Party Conference.

There is more to come and we will be reporting it as it happens.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

CPS forced to consider a case about which the CPS initially said that no offense had been committed

As reported, Jez Turner – organiser of the London Forum – has been charged with “inciting racial hatred” in connection with his speech at the “Anti-Shomrim” rally in Whitehall on 4th July 2015.
The Zionist lobby group “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” had brought a legal action to force the Crown Prosecution Service to bring charges against Mr Turner, even though the CPS had originally decided he committed no offence.
An initial hearing will be held at 1.30 pm on Monday 30th October at Westminster Magistrates Court, Marylebone, Central London.
What did he actually say? We are left none the wiser about what was actually said but what is fairly visible is that the Crown Prosecution Service that "originally decided that he committed no offense" is now forced by a Jewish extremist organisation to consider the case once more. If Justice means surrendering to an organisation that might well be acting against genuine Jewish interests, then Justice becomes persecution.
I would say that the said "Campaign Against Anti-Semitism" is actually Anti-Semitic because is generating ill will against innocent Jewish people who have no links whatsoever with the said organisation. Let us remember that Jewish Communities in the United Kingdom amount to about 269,568 people in a country that has more than 60 million people. How many members does Campaign Against Anti-Semitism have? 
Even the Labour Party that has campaigned against Anti-Semitism stands accused of being Anti-Semitic. Something is going very wrong. The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism lobby is as dangerous as Daesh or Islamic State or whatever you want to call it.
On Saturday (28 October 2017), I saw a demonstration carried out by the Black Lives Matter group. There were about 60 people gathered near Downing Street in Central London. This shows how relevant the said group is. The vast majority of the population of London, of whatever race and of whatever religion couldn't care less about a group like Black Lives Matter.  Why? Because people in Britain don't like extremists whether they are Zionist extremists or Black extremists, White extremists or Religious extremists.  

Friday, 27 October 2017

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made possible Catalunya's Independence.

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made possible Catalunya's Independence. Repression against Catalans pushed even those who were against Independence to support Independence. Time is long overdue for the Spanish Prime Minister to resign.