Friday, 19 January 2018

National Action: British authorities and the mass media are trying to invent chocolate all over again

National Action: British authorities and the mass media are trying to invent chocolate all over again.

A headline published by The Independent on 8 September 2017 very much reflects the way of thinking of the British Establishment. They believe that banning a political organisation the said organisation will no longer exist. This is cuckooland thinking. You can ban and ban and ban and the organisation will continue to exist simply because it doesn't need to operate within a democratic framework.
A political movement (Politische Bewegung) doesn't have the constraints of a political party that needs to stay within the limits of the Electoral System. For many years, the British Establishment has been attempting to ban or derail Nationalist Political Parties like National Front, the British National Party, UKIP and others. The end result has been that unable to express their ideas within a democratic framework thousands of former political activists are now joining para-political organisations like National Action and others by the thousands either as members or sympathisers. These are the political realities that so called mainstream political parties have created and continue to promote.

Extremism can only be fought against in the ballot box. Using legislation introduced by now former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith designed to combat Islamic Terrorism to persecute individuals for political purposes will backfire in a big way. People are being sent to jail and kept in jail before they are even proven guilty of any alleged crimes. Habeas Corpus? Non existing. Detention without trial is the new reality and the whole burden of proof has been turned upside down. Before, everybody was innocent until proven guilty. Now, everybody is guilty before proven innocent. This is a mockery of the legal process and will completely destabilise British Society that is now run by the mobs. Even a Presidential visit of a duly elected US President was cancelled because of the pressure exerted by mobs and Universities are no longer centres for education but centres for political persecution and political discrimination. People are being kept in jail merely because they have been accused and we dare to criticise North Korea.

The Independent says that 'National Action is evading authorities by taking on new names - allegedly including Scottish Dawn and NS131 - in a technique used prolifically by Anjem Choudary's Islamist Network'. Is this news? For goodness sake, the said technique is as old as the world and the authorities should have foreseen that as soon as one name gets banned another name will pop up. The newspaper reports that a former detective said Police are left powerless to arrest neo-Nazis under new names. It takes weeks or months to take a case to Court and by the time the case is dealt in court names would have changed a few times. They are chasing smoke clouds driven by Political Correctness that is leading to violations of fundamental Human Rights.

A woman stands in court accused of composing, singing and posting on Internet a song that is according to the accusing party 'detrimental and deeply offensive to Jews'. They forget to mention that in the song Alison Chabloz deeply criticizes Jewish violations of Human Rights in Palestine. Keeping Palestinians in deplorable conditions is something that they are willing to forget about because 70 or so years ago Jews were persecuted in Europe. The Gaza Strip has been carpet bombed a few times, ten of thousands of Palestinian homes were destroyed and scores (thousands of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children were either killed, maimed or injured but all is forgiven because 70 or so years ago Jews were persecuted in Europe). So anyone who engages in criticism, condemning abuses in Palestine is due to be silenced by being accused of being a Nazi, a Fascist, an anti-Semite and so forth. This is the logic of Political Correctness that certain minorities are openly and abusively using to defend what is indefensible from a Human Right standpoint.

In Britain, there are stringent laws to deter people from engaging in acts of violence and the present political environment amounts to repression that will produce the pressure cooker effect. Those promoting repression will produce exactly what they are trying to avoid. People need to be able to vent their anger without engaging in acts of violence but the more we are made to feel that we live in a Police State the worse things will be.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Alternative für Deutschland: Germany's Official Opposition

Alternative für Deutschland: Germany's Official Opposition

A deal between CDU/CSU and SPD literally means that Alternative für Deutschland is Germany's Official Opposition and therefore duly entitled to have representatives in every single Committee of Germany's Federal Parliament.

Since CDU/CSU have been steadily loosing public support and this is why Angela Merkel's finds herself in the present predicament and since SPD is a choice of last resort since SPD itself lost public support due to its association to CDU/CSU in a coalition government, the way is open towards an even more successful Alternative für Deutschland in the coming years.

We anticipate that highly unpopular policies forced upon the German government by the United Kingdom exit from the European Union - ie. tax rises required by the coalition agreement and tax rises to fill up the gap in the European Union budget, will mean that German taxpayers will be forced to pay even more. This comes at the time when the budget for the reunification process is being capped or reduced with obvious political repercussions. Under the new coalition government, Germans will get less and will pay more for whatever they get. This is not exactly a vote winner.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Germany: More than 3 months without a government and coalition is not a certainty

Germany: More than 3 months without a government and coalition is not a certainty

An image that speaks volumes: the facial expression of Angela Merkel tells things as they are and a set of conditions that will not go down well with German voters.

Despite the fact that Britain's withdrawal will mean higher German contributions to the EU budget, coalition talks are heading in the direction of making a statement explicitly saying that German contributions will be increased as one of the requirements that must be met for a deal between CSU and SPD.

As part of the deal,  CDU will be forced to speed up the phasing out of the country's coal industry. Something that will go against both businesses and workers and it will lead to a higher dependency on other energy sources including oil and will lead to a wave of job losses of those employed by the coal industry.

There is also the added issue of increasing supply of monies to other EU countries for the sake of economic and social convergence, something that those who will have to pay for it will most likely oppose. Neither of these measures is a vote winner and this will most certainly affect an already embattled CDU, after a historical disastrous Federal Election.

Health Insurance contributions are yet another headache for Angela Merkel. SPD asked for equalisation of contributions for Healthcare meaning that, if there is a deal, employers will have to pay more for their employees healthcare.

The issue of Immigration and Immigration Control is also at the forefront in the exploratory talks between CDU and SPD with winds that blow in the direction of less Immigration. Angela Merkel knows that Immigration is an important issue and also knows that if she is seen as somebody that wants to maintain the status quo she will lose, once again, to Alternative für Deutschland and others who are against present levels of immigration.

Parties stated that these were merely exploratory talks and if at the end of the process there is no agreement there would be a new Federal Election and Angela Merkel might not be the candidate leading CDU as discontent within the CDU/CSU is rising.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Alison Chabloz on trial

Alison Chabloz on trial

The outspoken British singer is yet another victim among those who actually believe that there is Freedom of Speech - or in her case Freedom to Sing.

There isn't Freedom of Speech when a minority is able to oppress the majority imposing a regime of fear in which people end up being afraid of saying anything just in case it might lead them to trouble.

Why Jews were so hated for centuries? There are fundamental reasons for that. Some of them were what we could define as parasites that using money to exert undue influence generated a life of misery for millions.

They did it before when they benefited directly from European wars, selling weapons and 'investing on all sides'. This is the reason why an English King decided to throw them out of England centuries ago. Whether in England, Germany, Spain or in several other countries they were usually identified as exploiters and addicted to use every subterfuge for their own selfish interests regardless of the consequences.

The Middle East and what happens in Palestine is clear example of such behaviour. After coming as refugees at the end of World War Two and after  been given the opportunity to create a homeland for themselves, they decided that what they received in 1948 was not enough and then proceeded to try and take everything else. Two State Solution? No way. They are now planning to annex the West Bank and soon they will turn their anger against the Gaza Strip that they have carpet bombed destroying ten of thousands of family homes and leaving a wake of corpses of men, women and children in the process.

Murder became a synonym of Israel and despite calls made by the Organisation of the United Nations, Israel continues to violate fundamental Human Rights imprisoning children in prisons for adults.Anybody who dares to criticize Israel's violations ends up being called Nazi, Fascist and Racist notwithstanding the fact that Israel prepares itself to expel African refugees 'because Israel wants to maintain the Jewish identity of Israel'. Are the ones in charge of implementing such policies the descendants of those who complained about ill treatment under National Socialist Germany?

The policies of occupation and annexation that they so much criticise when implemented by others are fully supported by the Jewish State of Israel that is the implementation of Mein Kampf  (If you can take it and you can keep it, it is yours). Next time somebody talks about National Socialist Germany, look at what Israel is doing in Palestine.

Israel is a theocratic racist state that will stop at nothing to get its way. Zionists are worst than the ones they criticise.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Israel: Victims turned into Victimisers

The so called victims of the Holocaust are doing to others what they say that it was done to their ancestors under National Socialist Germany. They violate every rule in the book when it comes to Human Rights. They have taken over land that is not rightfully theirs using a precept stated in Mein Kampf (If you take it and can keep it, it is yours). A brief look at the map of 1948 and at today's map shows that they are an expansionist nation that doesn't give a damn about the rights of others. While they promote the so called Multicultural agenda outside Israel, inside Israel they promote a racist regime that pushes aside those that don't fit in with their racist agenda.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Michael Heseltine: I side with Lord Tebbit. Michael Heseltine must go.

Michael Heseltine: I side with Lord Tebbit. Michael Heseltine must go.

Those who remember what led to the debacle in the Conservative Party that lost the 1997 General Election must surely remember the role Michael Heseltine played as a member of a team of conspirators that included John Major and Ken Clarke and what followed after they destroyed Margaret Thatcher.

John Major, Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine were the protagonist of a very sad and very tragic saga that could have bankrupted Britain. The ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism, precursor of the EURO) was a complete and utter disaster. No matter how many efforts the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont made to protect the Pound, Britain was forced to sell massive amounts of Gold reserves that incidentally ended up in German hands.

The Trio that could hardly ask for any Oath of Allegiance since they have behaved as traitors went on to lead a Conservative Party that was de-facto four political parties in one. The ERM, like the EURO, is not an economic idea. It is an ideological idea and even the most ardent supporters of the EU like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown stayed well away from the EURO. They knew the potential for disaster.

The latest statement made by Michael Heseltine - now Lord Heseltine - saying that he prefers a government headed by a Marxist is yet another example of Michael Heseltine's Conservatism. But he is not alone. His co-conspirator Ken Clarke should also be given his marching orders. John Major is doing his best to undermine the Conservative government and those who stand for Britain and made it plainly clear at a speech he made as a host of the Church of England. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Internet is not a threat. It is a safety valve

Internet is not a threat. It is a safety valve.

I strongly believe that Internet is a safety valve that allows to diffuse much of the frustrations that could turn into violence. I believe that in a deeply divided society in which despite rising numbers the individual is paradoxically increasingly isolated, we need the means to allow grievances to be vented safely. For this reason, I reckon that attempts to prevent people from expressing their feelings in social media are misguided and dangerous.

Some years ago, I wrote a piece about Thomas Hamilton, a loner that was a member of a gun club in the United Kingdom. Thomas Hamilton was a ticking bomb, loaded with frustrations and resentment made a lot worse by the fact that he couldn't let go of the anguish that was growing and growing inside. Suddenly, one day, he decided to arm himself and walk into a public school where he shot dead teachers, parents and pupils.

Jo Cox's case is cited as a case of politically motivated assassination when in fact it was a case of a mental health patient that on the eve of the attack was asking the National Health Service for support because in his own words he was feeling emotionally troubled. Thomas Mair was also having mental health problems but the case was completely distorted and made to appear as politically motivated. Thomas Mair was described as a Right Wing Terrorist.

In a society in which one in ten teenagers are showing symptoms of mental health problems that go untreated in most cases, social media play a vital role. Those who do not have a rewarding and fulfilling private life can use the Internet and social media to relieve some of the pressure they are under.

I think some British politicians are getting things extremely wrong. Censoring and banning can only make matters a lot worse. I do believe that putting things under the carpet is not the answer. It is better for things to happen in the open so that we know what people are truly feeling and thinking. You might not like some of the comments people make but this is no justification whatsoever to prevent them from expressing what they truly feel and think.

Britain has a particularly serious problem. Why hasn't anybody asked why so many people are choosing to live alone and why so many that would like to have some kind of social interaction are being ostracised? Let's remember that we live in a country in which not less than 15,000 people take their own lives every year (this is about the cases that we know but there will be plenty more that we don't know about). I guess we only notice the problem when our train services are cancelled because somebody jumped onto the rails in front of a passing train.

Behind the drugs problem, there are fundamental social issues related to how we interact with each other. In the Digital Era of Mass Communications millions of people don't have a voice and feel completely abandoned.